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Karaoke for iPod

Karaoke for iPod is an easy to use app that that allows you to sing along to all your favourite songs in your music library on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Just select a song or multiple songs from the iPod library and sing along to it in real time, it’s as easy as that.


1. Select a song, or multiple songs from your iPod library.

2. Plug in your speakers, or choose one of the the audio configurations below.

3. Sing along, and have fun!

The overall output volume can be changed at any time by using the main volume slider on screen, or by using the buttons on the side of the phone.

The microphone volume can be individually adjusted via the on screen slider. The music can be paused or skipped by using the timeline slider.

Audio options

iPhone users:

  • Use the iPhone microphone and hear the audio through the inbuilt speaker or headphones.
  • Plug in your stereo or external speakers into the headphone jack and use the iPhone microphone
  • Using a splitter lead, plug in your own microphone and speakers

iPod touch users:

  • Using a splitter lead, plug in your own microphone and speakers
  • Use a microphone headset

TIPS: For the best performance it is recommend to use external speakers or your HiFi/stereo system.

IMPORTANT: When using the inbuilt iPhone speaker, be careful increasing the microphone volume or you will get feedback due to the fact the microphone is located very close to the speaker on the phone. For this reason the inbuilt speaker is off by default, and you have to switch it on via the on screen switch.